Digital marketing poses a series of new challenges in comparison to traditional marketing channels; in particular on social platforms people like to have a conversation with you.

Nowadays, engaging with your customers online is the key to unlock the power of social media for your brand. Different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn may require different engagement strategies – depending on your marketplace.

At SPC we use our experience and understanding to work together with you – in order to manage and make the most out of these conversations.

Our social media management includes:

  • Creating content and conversation schedules that keep customers engaged and meet business objectives.
  • Publishing content updates at the optimum time and frequency for maximum reach and response.
  • Improving customer service: by replying to complaints online, responding promptly to product or service queries, and directing customers to the right source of help.
  • Setting the tone of the conversation, by demonstrating your brand values such as leading technology, customer-centric, or sharing good practice.