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Understanding The Challenges Of Digital Transformation

Going from a conventional advertising orientation to a digital internet marketing orientation, appears overwhelming, so where's the best starting point? Let's look at our description of digital transformation. Firms have various definitions of digital strategy. Forrester in its State of Digital Company 2014 report, defines some aspects of digital strategy as including a brand new mobile program to their present company or developing a social network existence strategies which Forrester categorizes as bolt-on'.

Digital does affect several Company Departments and not only Marketing and IT, so who’s responsible for the change? It can take some time to re-organise, if that's what is wanted. Digital strategy is not fully understood out there and, as we mentioned above, tends to focus on social network pages, without contemplating how they work, who will handle and update the content and react to customers.

Some companies have made a complete transformation to digital. They adopted new media at an early period, listened to customers and have digital techniques completely incorporated within their companies. RS Components appears to comprehend its clients greater than most and their Ecommerce Behavioral Marketing team, has segmented clients based on their customer journey, as opposed to product groups.

One factor is clear; Digital will continue to possess a higher impact on how companies operate. How are businesses responding? This depends upon the Organisation's degree of digital understanding and adoption. Forrester discovered not too much integration between the marketing and technology sides of businesses, with responses highlighting a Digital strategy execution crisis. This revealed that 74% of professionals maintain that their business has a digital technique, but the findings indicate wide difference between strategies.

Brian Solis at Altimeter continues to be conducting investigation into Why and How Businesses are Changing for the Digital Customer Encounter and he points out that Digital transformation requires a really customer centric approach that wins over one that's largely technology centric. This is the key of understanding the real problems of digital transformation.  

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