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Digital Marketing Workshops for Small Businesses

We have recently run a couple of digital marketing workshops in Cheltenham about the “Customer Journey”.

When people turned up to the workshop, our aim was to demystify some of the jargon marketing agencies tend to use when talking about this topic and provide them with some ideas on how to successfully formulate and implement an integrated online offline marketing strategy.

These were the key points covered during the workshops:

Point 1

The aim of an effective integrated strategy is to ensure that the channels:

 1 - Tell the same story

 2 - Build the narrative and engagement

 3 - Move the customer onto the next stage of the journey

Big Companies with big marketing budgets usually engage with a wide variety of platforms and channels. Small businesses should really think how to be as effective as possible with relatively smaller budgets.  Our advice would be to use not all of the channels but a few and tell a consistent story all the way.

Point 2

In doing that, Companies should be aware of the impact that digital had on their traditional customer engagement process. This is now much more complex and relies on multi channels and on an overwhelming amount of data. Nowadays, customers bounce back and forth at their own speed in this new marketplace. They switch devices to suit their needs at any given moment, they search –  go off to look at reviews, ratings, styles and prices – and then search again, they see ads on TV, in newspapers and online, they walk into local stores to look at products and they talk to friends, in the pub and on social media. As a result, the shopper’s journey looks less like a linear funnel and more like a flight map as shown below:

Point 3

Therefore, the key to true integration is developing what is called the Single Customer View. This approach, thanks to the development in digital technology and marketing softwares, gives you a complete understanding of each individual customer and their relationship with your Organisation. It also allows you to look at your consumer’s past behaviours in an aggregated way and, as a result, foresee their next steps. Getting this single view right creates an ongoing virtuous circle, as we can see below:

Point 4

Once you’ve planned which channels you might use based on the media and screen habits of your target audience, at each stage of the customer journey, you then need to think about how they might work together to deliver your campaign goal. So, the journey will often consist of a mix of digital and traditional media, as well as real world experiences with the brand.

If you want to attend our next digital marketing workshop, please leave us your details following this link.

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