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Brexit, Advertising and the young digital generation

It has been an eventful Summer so far and over the last month one particular theme has been dominating the news: Brexit. What does it really mean for digital marketers? How's Brexit going to impact the advertising business as a whole? And what may we learn from the Brexit's stats and how could they be related to advertising campaigns?

It is time to tackle the issue, attempt to comprehend what effects we face and make the most out of this challenging position. It can't be denied the Brexit prospects will influence the younger generations and people to follow. The facts are that in accordance with the survey results, 73% of 18 to 24 year olds were in support of a Stay vote, with the remainder supporting Brexit.

In a recent article published by Marketing Week, Matt Hancock, the new minister for culture and the digital economy, reassured the advertising industry that he would listen to their concerns over Brexit and that he understands the important role Advertising and Digital plays to the UK economy.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of the industry had voted to remain in the EU, he highlighted three principles to making Brexit work:

  1. Getting the best possible deal with the EU;
  2. Making the most of the UK’s relationships with the rest of the world;
  3. Winning an argument about the nature of Britain.

Only time will tell whether the young digital generation’s views will be taken into consideration during the renegotiations with Europe. However, I still believe that UK will still be leading the digital marketing and advertising scene in Europe and that will remain the case for generations to come, regardless if we Brexit or not.

So, business as usual and in this uncertain time let’s keep nurturing the young digital talent coming through.

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